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Nelson Farmers Market Performer Application

  1. Nelson Farmers Market

    The Nelson Farmers Market is the heart of our community. Our goal is to provide residents with local, healthy food options, to create a strong sustainable and resilient food system, and a warm and welcoming environment for vendors and participants. Musicians and performers bring culture and spirit to the market and play a key part in the markets success and longevity.

  2. Privacy Statement

    The City of Nelson is collecting your personal information in accordance with section 26 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The City of Nelson collects your information for the purposes of administering City of Nelson programs and services, including permits and licensing services. If you have any questions, please contact the Privacy Head at 310 Ward Street, Nelson, B.C V1L4P1 or or 250-352-8234

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  4. Do you consent to have photos taken of you while performing and posted on our official Nelson Farmers Market social media page?
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  6. Can you provide 6ft extension chord?
  7. Can you provide your own PA?
  8. Which dates are you available to perform?
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    The Nelson Farmers Market wants to ensure that the opportunity to perform at the market is offered to as many willing individuals and groups as possible. As such, you may not be selected for every date provided in this form but may be contacted in the future for additional dates as needed. 


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