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Market Night in Nelson Vendor Application

  1. What type of Vendor are you?
  2. If you are a food and/or Drink Vendor, Please select the answer to the following prompt

    I certify that I have read and agree to the following the guidelines outlined in THE GUIDELINES FOR THE  SALE OF FOODS AT TEMPORARY FOOD MARKETS by the BCCDC. And my business will remain in full compliance for the entirety of the Nelson Farmers Market season

  3. Do you have a current Food Safe or Market Safe Certificate?*
  4. Please upload your Food Safe Certification or Market Safe Certification

  5. Please upload your High-Risk food Clearance approval. To obtain approval contact your local Health Authority Representative 

  6. Please upload a copy of your Current Liquor License Market Authorization.

  7. Do you require power on-site?
  8. Nelson Farmers Market Vendor Handbook

    I have read the Nelson Farmers Market rules and regulations outlined in the Vendor Handbook found at 

    By Clicking yes, you agree to the Nelson Farmers Market Vendor handbook rules and regulations.

    Please note* you will not be able to vend until you have agreed to the terms above.

    Any questions can be directed to 

  9. Do you consent to have photos taken at your booth, including your staff.*
  10. Submitting Information

    By pressing submit you agree to act accordingly within the rules and regulations in the Vendor Handbook. The Market Manager/staff reserve the right to refuse the sale of products that are not listed and pre-approved. By submitting online, I confirm the information provided in my application is true and accurate. If found otherwise, I risk the chance of disciplinary measures that include being removed from vending at the market.

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