Gross floor area, registration form, and image submission ...


01. What height of a sloped ceiling is consider to be included in the "Gross floor area"?

02. How, and when, do competitors "complete and sign the entrance and declaration of ownership and rights form"?

03. Also, can you please clarify your posted answer (2nd bullet) to question #7 online?

Your answer states:

"Length: it is all to fit onto the design board, except that the written description..."

However, under Submission Requirements and Rules; 5c states:

"In addition to inclusion in a design board, any images shall be submitted separately in .jpeg or similar format; one version high-resolution and another low-resolution version that is easier to email."

The word "images" is plural.

This rule seems to allow additional images and pages to be submitted. If so, is there a limit?


Gross floor area: the definition thereof in the Zoning Bylaw excludes crawl spaces, subdecks, carports, and parking garages from counting towards GFA. The minimum ceiling height is 1.95 metres. Below that, it is considered a crawl space.

The entrance form is to be submitted with the first-round submission, thus before September 2nd.

Apologies for the confusion. All images submitted are to fit onto the design board and be included on the design board. We are simply asking that you send along those same images in JPEG format, as well.

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