Specific first-round submission format expectations: You state "A design board....including high-level specifications ..."


You state "A design board....including high-level specifications indicating materials used, compliance with zoning, the City's laneway house design guidelines, the BC Building Code..." for the First Round, but in the Second Round (e) is where you ask for "Specifications/stats indicating compliance with zoning, the City's laneway housing design guidelines, the BC Building Code, and other relevant information" again.

Therefore, what is the expected level of specificity in the first round? Further, is there a limit on the number of pages to be submitted? Is all information meant to be compiled on one 11x17 design board, including the written description and the minimum 1 exterior design perspective? Is there a maximum number of sheets/pages that can be submitted? Lastly, is there an expectation to submit based on various site conditions and zoning (R1 and R3?)


  • Specificity for round one: by “high-level” we mean confirmation that it meets the building code (if not, how so). For zoning: key statistics (height, building footprint, gross floor area). For the design regulations, confirmation that they are met and any necessary explanation where it may not be obvious that they are met and/or jot-points providing basic details on how more abstract concepts are met (e.g. neighbour privacy, sustainability, visual interest).
  • Length: it is all to fit onto the design board, except that the written description (point 5.d; between 200-1,000 words) will be separate from the design board. There is no minimum or maximum text for the design board.
  • Zoning: as stated in point 1 of the design parameters on page 5, just R1 should be taken into account. As per point 7(c) and evaluation criterion #4, yes, various adaptability to the site conditions that are typical for Nelson (esp. topography) is expected.

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1. Does the signed Entrance Form needs to be sent to you earlier or submitted together with the competition materials at the 1st round deadline date of September 2, 2019?
2. Are alternative foundations acceptable?
3. Are the submitted drawings to be of mass models of different design configurations that fit the different lot and topography configurations?
4. What is the typical size of lots, i.e. width and length, suitable for laneway houses in Nelson? What are the typical zoning restrictions, i.e. height and setbacks, for residential zones?
5. Are (semi-)covered carports included in the building footprint calculation? At which point are eaves/ roof overhangs exempt from the building footprint calculation?
6. Are design teams allowed to submit more than one design?
7. Specific first-round submission format expectations: You state "A design board....including high-level specifications ..."
8. At what point will you determine whether you have enough submissions go move forward vs extending the contest deadline in the hopes of garnering more submissions?
9. Is an eave/roof overhang over entrances ...
10. Would you kindly clarify if this is an AIBC sanctioned “competition”?
11. Gross floor area, registration form, and image submission ...
12. Design boards, Step Code, minimum height, modifications ...
13. Local Entries
14. Questions on drawing types
15. Evaluation criteria, costs, and floor plans
16. Inclusion of technical details; site selection ...