Recruit Selection Process

Selection Process

Honesty and integrity are vital components of the selection process. The information you provide, orally and in writing will be closely scrutinized. Dishonesty or non-disclosure can result in your permanent removal from our hiring process.

Once you have established that you have met the basic requirements and are ready to apply, please be ready to fully commit to the process by being ready to participate fully in all stages of the selection process.

Complete forms

Complete an application form, integrity questionnaire and one-page biography.

The forms will be carefully reviewed by the Recruiting Section before moving on to the next stage of the process.

Panel Interview

This interview will be conducted by several members of the Department and will focus on the applicant’s life experience, resilience, and the skillset to perform the duties of a police officer. This will be a behavioral-style interview.

S –     Situation/Task – give a brief background of the task they had to complete or the situation they were in

A -     Actions:  Explain the steps they took to make the situation better

R -     Results:  Highlight what happened thanks to their involvement.

Background & References Check

A Recruiting Section member will conduct a thorough investigation into your background.

NPD Ride-a-long

Psychological Examination

The applicant will undergo a psychological examination at the Department's expense.

Medical Examination

The applicant will undergo an extensive medical examination at the Department’s expense.

Police Officers Physical Abilities Test (POPAT)

Administration Interview

Final interview with members of the Nelson Police Department’s Senior Management team.