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A personal emergency plan is a playbook for how you and your household will respond to a disaster. Having a Personal Emergency Plan can reduce anxiety and help keep you and your family focused and safe.

Get started on your Emergency Plan by filling out this easy to use form. This will help you create your home emergency plan. There are nine easy steps. Even if you are uncertain about how to answer some of the sections, skip to the next section. Once finished, you will have a document that you can download to your computer to be saved, printed or updated. You can always add more information later to any sections you may have skipped.  

Being prepared if your household needs to evacuate quickly is the best way to ensure you and your family get somewhere safe with as little stress as possible. Use the guides below to further help with your planning. They will prompt you to consider what preparedness should look like for you based on the unique needs of your household, your neighbours or business.

HOUSEHOLD Planning a family meeting place, where you will stay and how you will get there if you need to leave your home will reduce the worry and makes for a much smoother response to an evacuation. Ensure your Pets and Service Animals are prepared as well. Click here to learn how to prepare for an evacuation and stock your household in case of an emergency.    

SENIORS/PEOPLE WITH A DISABILITY Your parents, neighbours and friends may need your help in preparing for an emergency or evacuating their home should the need arise. Emergency Preparedness Guide for seniors and their caregivers can be found here. Emergency Guide for People with a Disability can be found here

SMALL BUSINESS Small businesses are integral to Nelson’s economy. In 2015, there were approximately 388,500 small businesses operating across the province, representing 98 percent of all businesses in B.C.

If you are a small business owner, you have invested a significant amount of time, energy and money in your operation. Depending on its size, you may have employees who rely on it for income and stability.

Protect your investment and those who depend on it by using our Small Business Guide and companion Small Business Emergency Plan.


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