Active Transportation Plan

Bike Route Project

The City of Nelson has received funding from the provincial government to complete phase 1 of the primary bike route. The bike route has been identified as a priority in the City’s Active Transportation Plan.

This project includes 3 major components:

1. Shared neighbourhood bikeway on Third Street from Anderson St to Gordon St which includes

  • Sidewalk upgrades with Bump-outs to reduce vehicle traffic speeds
  • Re-orientation of STOP signs to allow for free flow bike traffic
  • Pavement markings and signage to identify the bike route
  • Reduce speed limit to 30km/h 

2. Closure of Anderson St / Nelson Ave intersection which includes

  • Improved pedestrian connection to access school
  • Bike only travel lane 
  • One-way travel down Anderson St to improve school traffic movements

3. Shared neighbourhood bikeway on High Street Corridor (from Anderson St. to Vernon St.)

  • Speed humps (6) which are designed to reduce motor vehicle speed to 30km/h 
  • Pavement markings and signage to identify the bike route
  • Upgraded sidewalks sections 
  • Reduce speed limit to 30 km/h


To view detailed construction plans for this project, click here

The City of Nelson Council has adopted a new implementation plan for Active Transportation on November 4, 2019.