Fire Prevention / Inspections

The Fire Prevention Branch provides a regular system of inspections of public buildings, hospitals, light and heavy industrial sites, schools, group homes, daycares, and extended care facilities to ensure compliance with provincial and municipal codes and regulations, as well as attention to issues relating to public safety. For more information:

Business Inspection

If you are a business and would like to arrange for an inspection contact us at: 250-352-3103 or email Fire and Rescue Services.

Fire Prevention

Everyone wants to stay fire safe and to take the proper steps to protect homes and families. As of May 1, 2010, the BC Fire Code requires that every dwelling, whether owned or rented and regardless of age, has a properly maintained smoke alarm. To learn more about Fire Prevention Week, click here.

Building Owners

It is the law that every residential building owner must supply smoke alarms and ensure they remain operational; it is up to those living in the home to ensure that it functions properly by testing it regularly and replacing batteries - or the alarm itself - as recommended.


To ensure your alarm will work when needed, test it monthly and replace the battery at least once per year. Use a vacuum to clean it out annually, as insects that may get inside can cause false alarms.

For information on smoke alarms and fire safety, see Safety Tips and Videos.

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