Youth Centre

Youth Centre

The Nelson and District Youth Centre has been serving young people in this city with energy and pride for two decades. The centre was thoughtfully envisioned by city council in 1997 to ....’Create a safe, accepting and empowering community where all youth can interact and access a variety of activities they need and enjoy'.

Most people know the Youth Centre features a fabulous indoor all-wheels park, but that is just a fraction of what we offer. There’s a band room, art room, dance studio, indoor basketball court, pool table, Foosball and ping pong tables - in short, a whole host of healthy activities and special programs for youth to explore and learn. The centre has grown into a place for young people and parents to gather, exercise, learn new skills or hang out with friends.

Entering the facility, you must sign a one-time liability form found HERE. If you are under 19, please have a parent/guardian fill out a liability form found HERE

Indoor shoes and helmets are mandatory for the All-Wheels park.

COVID-19 PHO Orders

On October 26, 2021, BC's Public Health Officer (PHO) updated the Gatherings and Events Order

Three primary changes were made to the Order: 

  1. Seated and standing gatherings for inside events are now allowed at 100% capacity with Proof of Vaccination (PoV). 
  2. Children and youth in programs organized primarily for those under 22 years old continue to be exempted from this order. Adults who supervise or assist these programs (both indoors and outdoors) must now be fully vaccinated.
  3. Sport spectators must be fully vaccinated. Note: we are awaiting confirmation of whether or not spectators 12-21 years old will be required to show PoV to watch child/youth sport. 

Anyone entering the Nelson and District Youth Centre over the age of 21 will have to show proof of vaccination upon entry followed by a valid piece of ID. 

We thank you for your patience. We are happy to allow these programs to continue for Children and Youth.

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